Plant trees for free

Plant trees for free

There are many ways to live more sustainably, and with the advent of global warming, we can all do our bit. One of the easiest ways to be more sustainable is to use apps to plant trees for free. Trees absorb CO2, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint, offsetting the CO2 gases that we all produce as we go about our daily lives. These apps do the hard work for you.


Treeapp lets you plant a tree for free every day, learn about sustainable brands and work out your carbon emissions. It also has a great feature that shows you how much of your monthly and annual emissions you’ve offset by using the app. Plant trees consistently using the app, and you could even be carbon-negative at the end of the year. The app does offer paid subscription plans too, but there is no obligation to sign up for these.

Reduce your carbon footprint


The MyWorld app not only allows you to save trees by using the app, but it actually pays you to do so! The app is all about living more sustainably, and when you log a daily action, you build up a streak. If you do this consistently, you earn virtual karma coins that can be used for brand perks, including planting even more trees. There is a daily prize draw at 5pm GMT where you can also win cash prizes. Withdraw your  rewards to your bank account or donate them in the app to save even more trees! Use our code x4rSVv5d3U when you join MyWorld to receive £1 and 3 karma coins once you complete your first 7-day streak!*


Skoot is a navigation app that you can use while driving. They plant five trees for free when you download the app, and one extra tree each time you use the app for a trip. You can use the app for navigation directions or not – it’s up to you. To plant a tree for a car journey using the app, just press start in the app when you leave, and end when you arrive.

Carbon emissions and global warming


Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees when you search the web. Simply use Ecosia instead of your favourite search engine and they do the rest. They offer browser extensions and apps to make searching easier – set Ecosia to be your default search engine and plant trees with no effort!

Tip: When you download these apps, put them all together in a folder on the home screen of your phone, and get in the habit of opening them every day to record your actions.

Being more sustainable

Planting trees for free is just the start. If you’re interested in ways to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life, Lizzie Somerset has some more useful ideas.

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  1. Joanne Dewberry

    Love this. Our village is having a tree planting event for the Platinum Jubilee where you help plant trees but also get to take a sapling home which is a wonderful way to remember the event and grow your own tree.

  2. Katrina

    Thanks for the tips, it’s always great to have more ideas on how to be more sustainable. I’m off to plant a tree!

  3. Anne Fraser

    I love this. I think it is so good when companies give back.

  4. Emma Reed

    Oh I love this post, it’s right up my street, I will definitely share it.

  5. Jen Taylor

    Ah this is brilliant! I’ll be sharing this with my husband who lives with guilt every day about how much paper they have to use in work!

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