The benefits of handwritten cards and letters

benefits of handwritten cards and notes

In this day and age, we have become very accustomed to using a keyboard to write. In the past 25-30 years, computers have become commonplace in almost every household in the developed world. Mobile cell phones and laptops came next, followed by smartphones and tablets. It’s hard to imagine that forty or fifty years ago, we were using handwriting or typewriters as the main way to communicate in the written form. It’s a sad fact of life that with these huge strides in technology, there comes a downside. The art of handwriting is dying out – we see it less and less nowadays. One consequence of this is that the standard of handwriting has become much poorer. This is understandable as people write less – they lose the skill due to lack of practice. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of sending handwritten cards and letters.

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The personal touch

Sending a handwritten note or card is more personal. If you’ve ever received a birthday card with printed text inside you’ll probably agree that it seems much more automated. Sure, the card itself maybe amusing, but the printed text inside less so. Printed wording in cards and letters reminds the recipient of more mundane things, like bills, books and bank letters. On the other hand, a handwritten note or card shows that the sender has given some thought to sending it. It demonstrates that the sender cares about the recipient.

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It’s more engaging

As the printed word becomes even more and more commonplace, so a handwritten note or card stands out all the more. Perhaps you have a lot of people to write to say thank you for wedding or baby shower gifts? Perhaps you like to keep in touch with Christmas cards, or want to invite people to a special event? If you would like to send a more personal message to many people, consider using a thank you letter service to do the work for you. These are companies that will send handwritten cards or notes for you – to single or multiple recipients – with minimal hassle. Choose your card or design your own, and add your text. The cards, letters and notes can be sent almost anywhere, and there are also discounts for bulk orders.

It makes good business sense

If you run a business, sending a handwritten letter, note or card is an extremely effective way of personalising your marketing communications with your customer base. This in turn demonstrates that you value your customers and fosters loyalty. You need not send a personalised communication with every interaction – once in a while will have a greater effect. Sending handwritten letters helps you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you could send a thank you note when a customer places a large order, after their 5th or 10th order, or on their anniversary of ordering from you? Imagine how you would feel if a business sent you a personalised thank you message once in a while!

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It gets you noticed

Sending a handwritten letter gets you noticed. We are so used to receiving emails, automated messages, texts and printed letters. They have become the norm and as a result, they are insignificant. Whether you are running a business or just want a special touch for your personal communications, a handwritten note will make all the difference. They are so unique that they really grab attention – and your message really will be seen.

Handwriting is a dying art, but it need not be. There benefits of sending handwritten cards and letters are compelling. Sending a handwritten message is a very personal and effective way to communicate, purely because it has become so rare. It need not be a chore either – as there are options to have your cards and notes designed, printed and sent for you! When did you last send or receive a handwritten message, and how did it make you feel? Let us know in the comments below.


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