Seven reasons to play free online games

Seven reasons to play free online games

When we think of “online games” it may bring up images of fast-paced multi player video games, combat games, motor racing or virtual football. But not all online games require a special games console or controller. Many more traditional games are available to play free online, from card games to memory games, word games to number games, to name but a few. We’ve previously looked at ways to save money by having fun at home. But what do players get out of it? Read on to discover seven reasons to play free online games.

1. Stimulate your brain

Many have argued that keeping the brain active can help slow cognitive decline. There is some debate about this, however it doesn’t matter if you believe this is true. Keeping the brain active helps to lift your mood and provide stimulation. At the very least it is a distraction, at the most you can really get a buzz and a sense of achievement out of the games that you play. 

2. Pass the time

Do you find yourself in need of a distraction, or have some spare time to kill? Do you like to unwind with a hot drink and a puzzle? Perhaps you are recovering from an injury or it’s not easy for you to get out and about? Whatever your situation, we all need some mental stimulation. Playing games online helps to pass the time. A few days ago, we started playing a free version of Klondike Solitaire online. Before we knew it, we’d played ten or twelve games as we tried to beat our previous score and time!

Klondike solitaire

3. Enjoyment

Many people enjoy the sense of achievement that they get from playing games online. They get a buzz from solving a puzzle or reaching a high score. They enjoy completing a game in the quickest time, or simply enjoy completing a complex task.

4. Practice

As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” The same is true of online games. Looking to practice your card game skills, or improve your memory? You can utilise online games to do just that. The beauty of playing free online games is that you can spend as much (or as little) time on them as you wish. Repeat games and puzzles over and over to gain experience and get better at them. 

5. Improve problem-solving ability

It goes without saying that playing games online can improve problem-solving ability. Depending on the type of game, you can exercise your brain and develop your logical thinking. You only need to think about word games in this regard. Whether it’s searching for words in a grid or completing a crossword, such games help the brain to develop problem-solving skills.


6. Improve literacy and numeracy

Playing online word games can also help to increase your level of literacy. Completing crosswords helps you to learn and remember new facts, new words and phrases. Completing number puzzles such as sudoku encourages the brain to work out numerical problems.

7. Increase strategic thinking

Consider a game of chess: players must think strategically to progress and outwit their opponent, and ultimately win the game. Considering both your own (and your opponent’s) potential future moves is crucial. A game of chess can be played for free online, but if chess is not your thing, a simple online game of battleships also targets strategic thinking. Working out where the mines are located and avoid setting off a mine is part of the fun.

Have our seven reasons to play free online games given you some inspiration? What are your favourite free online games? Let us know in the comments below.

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